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The internet as we know it today was born out of a set of standardized rules which allow computers to communicate with each other in a network. These rules, together, form the TCP/IP protocol suite. 

As we enter the age of quantum computing, AI, and automation, we need a new set of rules to allow all types of devices -- autonomous vehicles and their sensors, pacemakers, baby monitors, even "smart pills" -- to collaborate with each other in an open and secure way which can't be corrupted or abused.

Technology is not inherently good or evil; it's all about the intention of the person using it. Beyond creates a trusted environment which allows technology to be used for good during times when it seems like the pendulum might be swinging the other way. 

You can read more about the founding philosophy of Beyond Protocol here and some of our hypotheses here

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ink was started from my apartment in San Francisco. My Co-Founder, Denis Benic, and my vision was to create an evolved version of "Fedex Kinko's" using modern technology, outside-the-box product design, and a memorable customer experience. Our intention is overtime to build technologies and products which stand out, delight, and empower customers to express themselves -- be it through photo, prose, postcards, etc. Our go-to-market was higher-ed.

In a blog post I published in 2019 entitled, "A Case Worth Reviewing: 'Print Kiosks' in Higher-Ed and the Digital Printing Industry," I discuss why, out of all industries, we decided to innovate in printing and the product problem we solved.

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